Hydrate and Restore             

vital nutrients back to your skin 

All Natural Face Serum

Bumble Creme 


Our Hydrating Cream has been one of our best seller's in local 

shops, so we decided to finally make it available online. Our Creme is made using Fresh Honey, Lavender, Raw Shea, Raw Cocoa Butter and Apricot Oil making it one of the most beneficial creme for all skin types.

It's how we got started.. Bumble is LOVE 





Our Village speaks to that ancient language spoken from the soil. We find the unifying principles of health and peace to exist simply in the natural wholeness of the fertility of the earth, which is our common home. Just as the shades and hues of mankind seem expansive and varies so does the vegetation and fruit provided by our homeland. Made from the people, for people, from the best gifts of world; Plants

Welcome to Our Village  

We believe in the natural practice of plant healing.

Our products are made in small batches from locally

sourced and fair trade ingredients. 

We respect the importance of both our skin and the

botanical ingredients we use, and the beautiful

harmony each extracted ingredients brings

to our temples.  




See what people are saying about our products 

"What we do means nothing without the help and understanding of our clients. Our love of what we do is for them"





"My mom is obsessed with this lotion, she used it on her radiation spots and it's amazing"

"Ever since my son was born he struggled with skin irritation of all sorts... And I'm grateful 

for the bloom bath, it's literally my sons favorite and i'm slowly but surely seeing his skin calm down more these days"

"I just finished using the face scrub and my skin is popping. It got rid of my black heads on my nose, not even the activated charcoal cleanse I was using could do that. It smells delicious and I'm in awe of my Skin." 


 - Samantha

Our reviews

"i Only wear mascara now" 


Be Well @ourvillageacc 

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Our Village, is where we focus on cultivating a space for people to find love with in. Building awareness, confidence, and self love in everything we do. 

Made with love in Philadelphia

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