2 Negatives= Anxiety

Coming off of a monumental week, and much needed self reflection and self-love.

I just want to say one thing before we dive into the topic of the day. Wellness Monday entries aren't solo geared to one category such a beauty but it's more of a broad reflections of how everything is connected. Our health is connected to our thoughts, our diet, our energy, our acne and so on. So don't be the alarm if one week I'm talking about honey masks, and the next energy, they all have a connection to our health.

This week my cousin invited to a yoga anxiety workshop, at the time I almost decline the offer because I active go to yoga at least twice a week now. I figured I was already doing the work to be balance, so how much more yoga courses did I need. Ignorance at its best.

I can admit I suffer from anxiety and have at a very young age. Creating negative thoughts and making small issues into tornados, and always thinking the world was going to end If I didn't put every ounce of my energy into this one project.

The yoga instructor said it best, anxiety is letting your mind Highjack your thoughts and changing them into negative feelings.

Sometimes you avoid the fact that you have anxiety or if you're me you deal with it as if its a normal state. Can someone say Reflection!!!!..... .

We think the hardest way is the right way and that happiness is something we have to work for to achieve. Wrong!!! happiness is awareness and gratefulness. Aware of the journey, grateful for the experience and the blessings are the lessons.

I walked away from that course, feeling the a reward of finally identifying and tapping into those feelings of anxious thoughts that I created. Solo from fear.

I highly recommend this class.. It allow me to reflect but also helped me see the benefits and correct uses of three breathing techniques, that I've used at least three time yesterday.

Details of the studio our listed below.

Be Well, Happy Monday

Vitality Meditation Studio

1856 A Frankford Ave

Philadelphia pa