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After writing yesterday post, I had a pretty thought-out outline of my experience as well as all my talking points but I missed something very important. ("Fair-trade") before I went away I sat down with "Aggressively Passive"and talked about my process, journey and Fair-trade.

What is Fair-trade? "Trade between companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries in which fair prices are paid to the producers"

In my words ; The sourcing of ingredients, materials, or products from other countries that are made from the indigenous people of that country, which provides them with fair wages, healthy work environments, that support those families of that Village.

While in Morocco I was surrounded by the importance of fair-trade our now friend Muhammad showed us around to the local merchants and makers of his village.

He told us why it was some important to buy from the neighbors of his Village. Everything had a story, a history, a process, and spent a lot of time to prepare. They all shared that experience with me. They weren't entrepreneurs, they were just people living off the land.

I saw them, Artists of this country providing their best work because their heart were the only thing in it. What I experienced from this actual village of Medina was more magnify in taste, quality, and love. More than any big merchants at the markets or anything I've had in the states.

Quality is sometimes altered when the playing field isn't fair.

Let's face it we live in a world well America that is widely oversaturated with everything so you have to wonder when thing are so oversaturated; where and how are these so called needs affecting the planet but more importantly the people. Be encourage to seek fair-trade for it can benefit a family and but also a village from alway from yours.

Since we began making products a year ago we knew we had to incorporate as many fair-trade ingredients as we could find. Here's our list of the fair-trade products we offer.

Black Gold -coffee scrub

Bumble- Creme

FUBU- Creme


Be Well,

Here's the link to our first podcast interview with aggressively passive


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