DayLight Saving Times happened and we're barely adjusting lol give us a week.

Today may be a little rough for most but the upside is some of us are that much closer to being kissed by the sun. We can't wait!

Anyways this week's post is about last week's story post ( kind of a riddle)


"It's my favorite, why because its easy, beneficial, therapeutic and it taste oh so good. The only mask right now that I can repurpose as dessert. "

Here's why I give myself a honey at least three times a week.

Honey is Anti- Shenanigans in more profound words it's an Anti-septic, Anti- bacterial, and Anti-inflammatory.

Which means honey will act as a bacterial fighting force, preventing breakouts, and reduce the spreading of bacterial pus. Targeting inflammation and sooth irritation. Acne Prone Skin approve.

Just like aloe, honey has healing benefits it can help reduce scaring and blemishes caused by acne. Honey is recommend for lightening and slowly demises scarred tissue, so if you have dark marks from picking previous pimples then add honey to the routine. For open cuts and burns we recommend using Aloe solely.

We need more Exfoliation!! Why do we need ?? because dead skin clogs our pores lol.

Honey is a great gentle way to exfoliate skin without causing redness or irritation. Honey will make skin appear brighter and supple. It's a natural source of humectant meaning it draws in moisture from the air and locks it into the skin. Whoa!

If you want to stay young looking forever then grab the honey fast. I've been doing honey masks for about 7 years now and I typically only use local or organic honey. I read recently that Manuka honey is the best for honey masks, the quality of the honey provides better results more so in the collagen dept. I say start will organic and local honey first then go for the Manuka it's def delicious.!

Other beneficial properties of honey

* Treats Sunburn

* Reduces Wrinkles

How to Honey Mask:

If you use a cleanser apply the honey mask after you've clean your skin. If your like me and honey is the cleanser then get started.

Apply honey to damp skin, remember in circular motion, allow it to set on skin for about 20 mins

Rinse With cool water and Apply 2 drops Serum or moisturizer.

Give it a try and let us know what you think...

Happy Monday!!!

Be Well.