Sorry guys I've been a little M.I.A but I'm back.

This weeks topic is about hyperpigmentation during pop- up shops and markets it's always one of the topic's of discussion.

For those who are unsure of what hyperpigmentation is: it's the overproduction of melanin.

Hyperpigmentation is more prevalent in women of the darker and lighter descent. It typically appears around the chin, cheeks and upper lip of women. These dark splotchy blemishes are caused by sun damage, pregnancy, and inflammation.

So now that we've identify the appearance of hyperpigmentation lets the discuss the root of it.

Hyperpigmentation has three forms all stemming from different issues.

The most common affect of hyperpigmentation comes from the sun. The rule has always been since I could remember as a child is that we don't need sunscreen because of the natural melanin that our skin creates. Which is true in some forms but what's happens when your body produces to much melanin and has no protection from the rays of the sun? The top layer of your skin gets damaged after years of no protection and you start to notice those brown spots developing. Before you purchase the body oil this summer makes sure to add SPF 30 sunscreen to your cart.

You've heard the word hyperpgimentation or melasma in some way they have the same meaning but in this case melasma is a form of brown spot caused by pregnancy and birth control. Because stretch marks weren't enough hahaha! I've read a lot about the changes pregnancy and birth control has on our skin and it was no surprise when the two were named as a result to melasma aka hyperpigmentation. But Why does Melasma occur? The simple reason hormones, the cells responsible for creating melanin are over stimulated into over producing melanin which causes the spotting. What I found surprising while researching is the lack information regarding post baby hyperpigmentation. I found that in my clients and as well as myself that hyperpigmentation was never the issue while pregnant but after pregnancy. Giving the major adjustment your body has endured after having a baby, the stress and the realities of motherhood; I would challenge that there's a such thing as post pregnancy melasma.

The biggest affect hyperpigmentation has had on a collective of all skin types would be PIH

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

PIH is a condition in which an injury or inflammation to the skin causes increased pigment. In other words scarred tissues caused from acne. Remember a couple blog entries ago we talked about the damage we can do to our skin by picking at pimples. Yup, the result of picking, leads to damaging of top layer of skin which makes it almost impossible to heal and or fade.

Regardless of what type of hyperpigmentation your experiencing it's never to late to start protecting your skin.


Wear sunscreen regardless of your complexion. Global warming is real and I'm sure it plays a part in the way our skin receives sun rays now verses how our ancestors once have.

Mommas the natural approach I recommend is still wearing sunscreen out and about. Adding more folic to the diet :green leafy vegetables, whole grains, and oranges.

If you're on birth control, Switch the pill out for an IUD, It will reduce the hormonal imbalance that the pills causes.

Lastly stop picking your pimples, drink tons of water, eat healthier, and switch out your harsh chemical products for a safer beneficial plant-based product. Get a regimen and stick to it. I recommend the Bdeep Face and our Rest Serum as a starter to reduce scarring and calm the irritation.