My Hammam was one of the best spa experiences I've had

Living in LA during my glory days, I was so hip to bath houses, korean exfoliation and just pure relaxation.

Those days are long gone. Living back in philly makes me daydream often about the good ole days. I have yet to find anything somewhat close to those practices, until Morocco. Before visiting any new country, I go through a blog travel binge. Reading countless blog tips that I find useful to the traveling experience, and of course asking my friends. Sometimes I get wrapped up in all the necessary items to pack that I forget about the important things like the "must things to do".

My one friend who travels once a year to different countries with a group gave me a short list for Morocco ....Money Exchange, Imodium D and the Hammam.

Thank god for friends.

Lol I'd focused so much on the fact that I needed to carry Imodium D with me that I almost miss the most important Gem. The Hammam Spa Experience

The Hammam is a Traditional Spa Practice of Exfoliation.

Here's the low down on the Hammam

Let me say this!!!! A Hammam is everything your skin needs.

Let's get naked yup naked

Some Hammam will require you to stripe down to nothing, or a bathing suit. Ours provided us with disposable underwear, And we went topless.

Most Hammam's keep the women and men experience separate but, ours was couple focus. Which was interesting giving the culture but it was nice for us.

So what is a hammam?
It's a Traditional practice of exfoliation. The removal of dead skin using moccoran black soap and rhassoul clay.

Step By Step what to expect.

After changing out of our clothes we placed on our robes and made our way to the mosaic sauna. I have always enjoyed going to sauna's probably because I love the feeling of opening my pores and knowing that I'm removing toxic from them, so I was ready..Oh and I don't mind being hot!

After laying out for about 20 minutes in the sauna, we were rinsed off from head to toe. Told to lay back down, the masseuse applied moroccan black soap to our skin, from Back to front. * little fact morrocan black soap is completely different from west african black soap. It is made using olives and olive oil. The fat and oils context in the soap helps hydrate, moisturize and soften the skin.*

Once the soap was applied we relaxed for another 15 minutes.

The point of this process is to allow your skin to soften, loosening up the dead layer of skin. Making it easier to remove the top layer of skin when its time for exfoliation and to relax!!!! Something we don't do more of.

The black soap texture reminds me of a gel and lotion combination on the skin. Silky and smooth

Now it's time to exfoliate.

Sitting in the sauna was therapeutic and relaxing but when it was time to exfoliate, I felt like I slipped into a coma.

It was glorious! the removal of dead skin. Using a mitt the masseuse scrubbed off every nook and cranny. Every!!!! Front tooooo back. You'll see the skin piling up. Not one time during the experience did I feel like it was abrasive towards my skin.

Once we rinsed off all the dead skin next came of the clay, they covered us in Rhassoul Clay, and we steamed one last time. This clay is used to soften and remove excess dirt and impurities. When the clay is dry the masseuse rinses us off one last time. I felt so relaxed clean, light and unbelievably soft.

The spa we stay at was beautiful, when we left the sauna they directed us to a room that looked like something in movie. Draped fabric, pillows covered the floor, mint tea, mocorran pastries, and tons of water. The pillows swallow us in relaxation. It was our intermission before our massages.

If you're ever in Morocco don't hesitate to stop and treat yourself. Our Session cost us about $50 dollar per person which is considered higher than other places. The hammam spa experience can cost anywhere between $20-$100 . The cheapest and most luxurious thing I've ever done for myself. Thank You Morocco

Be Well,

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