"Nobody built like you, you design yourself"

When I first thought about what Our Village would be and what I wanted to reflect

I didn't think It would be this important to me. As our one year approaches I had to rewind our mental VHS and see the journey.

I spent last month reflecting it all.

Life and Business

My life will take years to unravel but will get there.

The business side of things I could finally see last month. I'm very much a free spirited, some days I go with the wind and never consider tomorrow just living in that present moment, and some days I daydream of the future and how I want it feel. In some ways, the feeling is the most in important part for me.

I'm a creative and the thought of a business plan in itself was the most avoidable thing on my to-do list but with the one year of our village approaching, I knew I had to confront it.

How does one get the energy and time to cultivate the real goals. The ideal numbers of sales, the concept, products margins, and s.w.o.t. all without talking themselves out of their own idea all together.

Hahaha but in all honestly it's a rabbit hole and sometimes the more you dig the more you can feel lost without any direction. I know I did.

Here's some tips and real advice.

You will never be able to avoid it, It will come up eventually. As a business grows you will need a plan.

If you're in the incubator stages of your business than answer this following question, but write them down. Theirs nothing like going back and reading your ideas, thoughts, and feelings when starting a business and looking back after 6 months or years later and having that reminder.

It rewarding!

If your someone that's had a business for a year or more and still no business plan, get to it! Face those computer keys and write it down, One section at a time.

Here's simply questions to ask yourself.

Why do I want to create this business?

What is the market like for this service or product I'm trying to create?

What problem am I going to solve?

Who is my target market?

What is my mission for my clients, employees, and myself.

I promise you, tackling these small questions will help you find direction in your business. It will inspire you to push harder but more importantly it will help you see the future and appreciate the journey when its time to look back.

My Recap ( After I wrote my business plan)

I got to see the business, I got to see my work, my growth and what I want in place for our future. I know as business owner and entreupreuner the thought of predicting the future can be daughting but it gives you grounds to create, a track to reference. I can only speak from my experience but I wonder what my business would of looked like and, been if I had did a business plan from the beginning.

Today's tips

* Start with small sections of your business plan.

* Simplfy it, work on it in bits and be honest about what you really want realistically

* Sometimes knowing all the rules, gives you the motivation to adjust them to fit ur mode.

* Ask for help and do your research

* have fun remember this was your dream from the beginning.

Be Well!

Happy Monday

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