Pimple Popping Poppers Follow-Up (WM)

The universe was testing me, what felt like a matter of minutes after posting last week's pimple entry. I had the biggest pimple on earth in between my eyebrows.. The "third eye" more like a bacteria mountain sitting in eye level. All the sensations of popping a pimple came pumping through my veins but i didn't fall victim to the urge.

Why not, you ask?

Let's not pretend like we haven't pop a pimple. We finally get alone in the bathroom and analyze the angle, as well as the type of pop it will be, well at least I do. ( when you look around to see if you're the only who does the same). You play back the strategy and you go for it!

"Instantly you regret the whole thing"

Why? because

That bacteria volcano you just rupture has just spreaded to other pores but you can't see that because you're fixated on the extraction of pus which is now a bleeding wound. Still extremely red, soft and more irritated than before. Now you gotta wait for this bad boy to form a ugly scab which you'll pick again, and again, and finally when you think you're in the clear. Fully healed, you notice the difference in pigmentation... THE DARK MARKS

What's that??? a reminder never to fuck with a pimple.

So As I and everyone I come in contact with, stares at my yellowish white bump on your face I know that it's not permanent and I'm actually doing my face a favor.

Things we recommend for the breakouts:

BDeep Facial : ( by us)

Ingredients: Beet Root, Kelp, Spirulina, Papaya leaves, Tumeric

Plant-based facials

  • Aloe Vera

  • Honey Mask

  • Avocado Mask

Pimples are formed in many ways and begin festering weeks and sometimes months in the making.

Most pimples are formed because of an obsessive amount of build up. ( Natural Oils produce by your face, products, debris, and dead skin)

Please don't go in overdrive with cleaning your skin. Try to pinpoint the irritation and calm it. The best ways we find is through beneficial natural ingredients.

No need to freak out if you get a pimple!

If you're experiencing multiple breaks out then you should evaluate the products you're using, diet, and beauty cleansing routine.

Happy Monday!!!!