Product Junkie (WM)

As a former l product junkie that use to love the feeling of receiving at least 10! new products monthly from two different companies, I think It's fair to say I was no amateur. I will say from my experience I could never tell what exactly was working and what wasn't.

Why? because my skin couldn't adjust to the many variables of so many products at once. My routine was all over the place and so was my skin.

Take it from me...

Slow Down,

Allow your skin, two months to adjust to new products. Take your time incorporating multiple products at once. Two is fine, but be cautions when you start incorporating three to four products at once because it will hard to understand your skins reactions.

Remember your skin is the most vulnerable part of your body because it indoors everything internally and externally. I hope this is helpful and reassuring. Just like you I navigating the same channels.

Be Well, Happy Wellness Monday!

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