Small Goals within Big Goals

Hey Guys sorry last week I took a Mental Snow day because (I) definitely needed to recharge.

This Week's topic is about the small goals.

"I'm piggie backing off my shine text, I got today"

Sometimes when you set one or more big goals, you feel overwhelmed with actually completely those goals. I'm one of those people, setting some many huge goals that I never plan or consider the amount of time and effort that would take to properly execute them.

So this is people like me.

The Goal to-do List

Set small goals within Big goals aka a mini blueprint or plan.

For Example I've been wanting to get back into running but I know I need to slowly incorporate it back into my lifestyle. So last week I went to the track every morning and walked for an hour at a pretty race pace to get my legs and body adjusted.

This week I'll Jog and walk.


Always focus on this week, next week hasn't happen and sometimes life throws you detours that takes some adjusting.

Small efforts payoff for big goals remember that.

Consistently give yourself a small goals everyday towards the big goal

Use this method with working out, a new diet, work, and being a better you.

Be Well,