Speech, Speech!

It's Wellness Monday!! I hope last week brought a new sense of energy being that the weather was beginning to warm up.

This Week's entry is about you.

We want to thank you! yes you!

Tomorrow we'll be celebrating our 1 year anniversary of Our Village skincare line. Whoop Whoop! Thanks to you all we made it!! Thank you all.

We thank you for the support! Thank you for every purchase, for reading our blog post, liking our photos, connecting us to vending opportunities, carrying our products, all the people we worked with and all the amazing beautiful supportive vibes y'all have given us. We love you and thank you!.

My Family and Friends have earned the MVP award during this journey, thank you for being there, you will never go unnoticed to me. I love you all.

We're excited to see what this year has in-store for us. Thank you for an amazing year !!!

Be Well,

Have a great Week !

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