The Closest I've Been to Home

The beginning of this year I remember placing an abundance of energy into visiting Africa.

The closest I've been to home. Straight off of the plane back from Morocco I feel freshly awaken, this trip was humbling but more spiritual than anything. An experience that felt like it was personally created for me. Everything I needed to hear, see and do.

It felt like a dream, for me studying much of the ancient traditional practices of medicinal healing for years and to be right in the front of it receiving, learning, and witnessing was serene. Sourcing natural clays, herbs, spices, flowers, all from the actual village that reflected our home and Our Village. That meant something so special to me. I hope you enjoy reading our next entries.

Over the course of entries I will shine light on my experiences

  • Traditional Hammam

  • Morocco Black Soap vs West African Black Soap

  • Spice Shopping Experience

  • "You're an artist, an artist is someone that creates something for someone with love and care with their hands, It's made with only positive energy. "

  • Mint Tea

  • My Vacation Regimen for my skin

I can't wait to share my experience, Be Well.

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