The first day I started

Seems like forever ago, that I was home with a 3 year old finally getting into the groove of motherhood haha yea it takes a minute to fully surrender to motherhood.

Our Village was started for many reasons, so let's start from the beginning. During my cali days (when I lived in California) I changed my lifestyle completely. I stopped eating meat, started caring about my skin, and worked out everyday. It was a great time. I definitely felt like I found my true self while I lived there. I developed real standards for myself and saw the benefits of my changes. During that time, skin was the most important thing to me probably because I was living in the shallowest part of the world lol not joking.

Facials everyday, Gallons of water, sun, and a cocktail every so often. I have to credit the pace of LA which helped in relieving my stress. Man I miss that place sometimes

I think subconscious that's when Our Village was simmering, on low heat---- looooow heat.

Now Let's

Fast forward I moved back home after some years. A shift was happening, it was MAKE-UP!! yes lots of it. Tutorials, eyebrows pencils, color mascara, which was all new to me but I felt like I need it all. Make-up became the new independence of artistry. I think that's how they marketed it to us or me??

Regardless I was knee deep in makeup products, literally forgetting my old life which consisted of making facials from scratch, and oil blends. I remember receiving makeup boxes every week, shopping at Sephora every two weeks. I lived in Sephora LIVED !

I was in denial about my skin, wearing make-up everyday changed the quality of my skin. It was completely dry, and many breakouts. I was using more and more makeup and less skincare.

So how did I ever get back to self? ( the cali self)

Haha well I had a beautiful baby, that lit up my world (oh and I had no time for make-up) . It's true when my little human was born, I had no idea the stars would align and focus me back to self. It happened solely because my baby was born with skin inflammation. I would learn later that the products I was using on his skin were creating more irritation, because of an allergy.

Everything changed at that moment. It was on me to give my baby relief which required much reading, researching, and heavy examination. Nothing could get passed me and I realized most of what was being offered on the shelves of big businesses were chemically based fillers. I went on to research plant-based recipes and ingredients and began to play around. Creating my own.

It was a pivotal moment in my life... I was creating something that protected my baby which turned into protecting myself. Our Village has a big meaning for me probably because it the best part of my life, it's Our Journey. This is Our Village .

Thank you for another year good people. I appreciate every moment with you and thank you for trusting a me through this journey. I'm forgive grateful.

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