Vacation Maintenance

How to maintain healthy skin during the summer.

During our trip to Morocco, I had to come to the realization that I needed to "pack light" ( badu voice) That meant backpacking through two countries. At first I was committed to the idea, until the first leg of the race. Packing light meant sacrificing turbans, hats, multiple styles of shoes to match my wardrobe and my skincare products.

I'm a firm believer that less is more but my products are my products lol. So how did i do it. With just three products I managed to check off everything to maintain healthy skin.

Here's What I used and How used I them

  • Soothe Chamomile & Cucumber Hydrosol

Why I used our hydrsol as a everyday cleanser. During the summer, our skin endures sun, heat, sweat, and overproduction of natural oils. Typically when that occurs we feel the need to overwork our skin by washing it as much as possible. Which seems like a normal thing to do; but really you're participating in the dry and overworking of your skin. Hot conditions in weather can mean a lot for our skin: sunburn, sweat, and clogged pores. Our cucumber & chamomile hydrsol removes dirt and debris from pores without striping its natural oils away. It Adds balance to your skin's ph making it less prone to breakouts, as well as adding natural hydration to your face. Mild enough for many uses throughout the day, for me three times a day. A must have for the summer heat!

  • "Evolve" Serum

I think it's hard for people to identify with using serums during the summer but if you're wearing sunscreen and or using a serum with SPF protection. Then your summer can be as lit as you desire. haha. Our Evolve Serum focuses on repair and elasticity. It's never to early to maintain youthful skin and at thirty I'm realizing the importance. Our blend contains a substantially amount of vitamins a couple to name a few are B1, B2, K, C, A, and E. All helping with the prevention of fines, UV radiation, oily skin, in-flammation, wrinkles, and sun protection. Which is why this beauty came along for our trip. This product replaces your morning and night moisturizers.

  • Black Girl Sunscreen

If you live in philly visit MarshaMane, a black owned store that has great selection of hair and skin needs. This is how I came across Black Girl Sunscreen. Regardless if it's a sunny or cloudy day you should always be wearing sunscreen. While in Morocco I wore it everyday and sometimes reapplied when temps reached 96 degree with no place of shade. I will say this in the only product within my regiment that is chemical based. But This sunscreen has a SPF of 30, it doesn't leave a residue, and didn't break me out. My skin felt protected from the rays of Morocco.

Thinking about traveling soon, I would advise you grab these gems for your next trip.

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