Our Village is Well Fed

Hello Good People, The beginning of this year we announced we're expanding creatively, emotionally, mentally and pshyically yup; you and me. Well Fed is our newest love, it incorporates everything we love, have learned and want to be. This workshop series will focus on self; and all the ways to love, have fun, maintain, and be. We still have quite a few steps we need to cover before were up and running but please subscribe to hear all the cool dope sh*t we have planned... See you soon! Be Well

Some of our Workshops:

  • Diy Chair Building

  • Mommy and Me ( Breastfeeding intro and support)

  • The Florist ( Diy floral arrangement)

  • Entrepreneur Day

  • The Meditation Room

Some of these events will have limited seating due to the event space or workshop theme. We recommend subscribing to be the first to know.

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