Our superfood mask we live by. It's the triple threat exfoliator, anti-inflammatory protective, and a nutritional boost. Our vitamins boost, that cleans deep. 


Organic Beet Root: Protects skin from wrinkles and slow downs the aging process, stimulates and promotes cell repair. 


Organic Spirulina: Natural algae is composed of many proteins, amino acids tons of vitamins vital for skin health. Besides bringing nutrients to skin its effective in treating dark circles. 


Organic Kelp: Natural exfoliating agent, helps the removable of dead skin while preventing skin from acne swelling. 


Papaya Leaves: Packed with vitamin A, B1, C, and E leaves of the papaya repair and restores natural benefits to your skin.  


Organic Turmeric: Helps in exfoliating skin, unclogging  pores, reduces redness and calms irritation. 

BDeep "Face Mask"

  • Organic Beet Root 

    Organic Turmeric 

    Organic Spirulina 

    Papaya Leaves 

    Organic Kelp 


    *Nut Free*