Lifted is our new acne/ spot treatment mask. Created for acne prone skin, this mask helps lift up excess oils, debris, and dead skin from the pore. Extracting unnecessary bacteria while providing skin with healing and nutrients. If you suffer from occasion breakouts this product is ideal for spot treatment.  



  • French Green Clay : Considered a healing clay, that draws out impurities from skin, while toning and tighten pores. 


  • Aloe Vera : High in antioxidants and vitamin C, aloe vera allows your skin to heal faster. 


  • Kelp : Balance is key, high levels of iodine in kelp helps keep skin from drying and adds hydration to skin, also calms irritation by reducing swelling. 


  • Moringa : Topically used to fight free radicals, and maintain elasticity in skin.



  • French Green Clay 

    Aloe Vera