Repair, soothe, and protect your scalp. Allow Vital oil blend to clean the hair follicle and strengthen hair strand. Protect and hydrate your scalp. Awesome for all hair types braids, dreads, weave, blow outs and overnight oil treatments. 


  • Neem Oil: Unclogs hair pores, while disinfecting free radicals that can damage hair. it also removes dandruff and promotes hair growth.


  • Caster Oil: Protects scalps from damage caused by harsh chemicals, provides smoother and shinier hair.

    Reduces tensile strength of hair, making it less prone to splitting ends 


  • Avocado: Vitamin B and E help in protecting and strengthening hair from heat and chemical damaged 


  • Citronella: Softens hair, soothes scalp while reducing frizz 


  • Organic Jojoba Oil: Naturally Moisturizes and cleanses hair follicles without leaving residue 


  • Hemp Oil: Stimulates hair growth, it's packed with omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids which means hemp will stregthen and nourish hair folicies to growth healthy and stronger. 

Vital "Hair Oil"

  • Neem Oil 

    Organic Jojoba

    Hemp Seed Oil

    Cintronelle Oil

    Avocado Oil

    Castor Oil


    *Nut Free*